Friday, 6 August 2010

What's up at NL50...??

I have been playing NL50 for the last week or so and it is very interesting to see the new dynamic of players. I search players on PTR and colour code them according to my ranking system of BB/100.

The Ranks are as follows:

1 Donk
2 Average Player
3 Above Average
4 Solid Pro
5 Elite Player

What this does is aid my Table Selection / Seating Selection. What i have noticed is that there are very few Rank 3-5 players compared with NL100 and NL200.

It's still very early days for me but there seem to be far more recreational players and less REGs than at NL100. Another very interesting observation is the 3bet and 4bet strategies at NL50. I think players play back far more at NL100 when you 3bet and fold far more at NL50.

I have now also been using HEM for about a week and am quite impressed with it. I am making use of the HUD too but with over 200 possible Stat features i have settled for displaying the following:

Fold to Steal
Fold to 3bet
Hands Played(sample size)

Using the HUD helped me identify the most passive REG that i think i have ever encounted. Here are his stats over a 800 or so hand sample:

VPIP: 14.8
PFR: 0.6
3Bet: 0.0
Agg: 0.83

I got into about 22Pots with this guy and i just showed so much aggression to keep taking it down. I think the score was 18-4 to me in pot battles. I don't always switch the HUD on because it gives me information overload, but it can be very useful.

In the last week at NL 50 i am up around 17 BIs. Here is the graph:

I will continue to battle at NL50 as i look to build my bankroll to a good level.

My key objective for this month will be to digest the gems from Harrington on Cash Games I & II.

My volume will be small as i only 10table now instead of 20

Okay, till the next episode.... laters


  1. nice going at the 50NL!! yeah there are a lot of bad regs there that you can exploit!! keep up the good work

  2. solid, keep 3betting the shit out of them:)

  3. yeah there seems to be a big difference in the skill level at NL$50 compared to NL$100.
    I think most of the pro grinders all play at NL$100/$200 etc but there are still loads of recreational players at NL$50. The rakeback is good at NL$50 and the acheivable win rate is also very good.


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