Saturday, 28 August 2010


So, how the hell do all the people multi-table? They must be off their dam heads.... The neck pain must be immense and RSI would have kicked into their mouse hand many moons ago.....

Well, efficiency is the key... As you can see from the above pic of my set-up i have one 24" screen and one 19" screen, so the visible area is not too big... never had any neck pain ever. Also Table Ninja is a must.

Previously i had been 20tabling at NL100 with the 10 tables you see visible, double stacked..... I have now dropped down to NL50 to try to improve my game. I now do one of the following:

1. Have 6 NL50 tables running on the left screen while i read online on the right screen.
2. Have 4 NL50 tables running on the right screen while i watch poker Training Vids on the left wide screen
3. Or finally play 10Tables (8x 50NL, 2x 100NL) across both screens

I do not like to stack or cascade as i want to follow the action on all tables if poss. If i am 20tabling i can always minimise 1 screen to see whats below, but if i had 10+ stacked on top of each other this would be a nightmare.

I am finding playing 10tables much better for my decision making and picking up reads, as 20tables is very intense at times.

So don't overload yourself peeps, just play within your comfort zone. And if u wanna go for SNE then you may just have to turn into a BOT to make it happen....



  1. yeah, if i ever cut back on tables, it's -ev for me since I get bored a lot easier, but nice post!!! keep up the awesome work

  2. hope u run good in frostys freeroll m8
    this sunday??

  3. GL in the tournament rosh, will be railing your table of course...Was wondering what your vpp goal is for this year, guessing you wont be heading for SNE. Will perhaps give it a go next year and could probebly use som inspiration:-)

  4. Cheers Guys, I will be playing on behalf of Frosty012 in next Sundays Tourni. @Kenya, after 3months of relaxing i will step-up my poker volume from Sept to Target 300k VPPs this yr.

  5. good effort for supporting LFC.

    Liverpool is a superb night out, i think it was voted alongside Newcastle as the best in the UK.
    Anyway there are two areas to go really for a night out in the city centre:
    Concert Square/bold street, younger peoples place i.e 17-25 etc.
    Matthew Street, (where i normally go), and if you want to go MILF hunting then "Flares" on Matthew Street is the place and is open until 3am, then "Smokey Moes" on Matthew street thats now open until 7am!!!

    good luck next Sunday in the $215, cheers for the invite out, but have got two holidays booked in Sept/Oct so funds are very tight!!


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