Sunday, 1 August 2010

July 2010 Review

The Photo attached summarises how my month has gone. After suffering numerous bad beats i found myself up at mid point due to a cash bonus.

My game then deteriorated as i tried to make things happen instead of waiting and picking on good spots. I then had around 8 down days of Internet which is still not restored, but i am using a temp ISP until my appointment comes around.

I have now sadly dropped down to NL50 in order to sort my game out and also due to a lack of funds in my account. Yesterday was interesting as i installed HEM (trial) onto my system. I am still playing with all the settings to find a set-up that i like.

However the HUD is not impressing me at all. The numbers are all over the place and my screen looks like a messed-up matrix. Every time move the stats manually, they move on each screen and as i sit on different seats on each table their fix seat function is useless for me. Also if you are a multi-tabler i think you will waste a lot of time trying to use the stats to add benefit while timing out on other tables. The other issue i have is that if you do not have a big sample size, how good are your stats? You will benefit if you can quickly identify a recreational player who limps a lot and calls PFRs too often. I think i will spend Aug worrying more about my game and keep the HUD switched off..!!

I have some really good literature to read in Aug, so it will be very much a training month while trying to beat NL50. My target will be a modest +$1500 from table winnings with no bonuses forecast till Sept. I also want to spend a little time on live games at some of the London Casinos/ Poker Rooms. I am really looking forward to the Supernova Freeroll too as it will be my first one. If i can final table that one it will sort out the rest of 2010 financially.

The final numbers for July are as follows:

-$1,945 (Table Losses)
+$1,500 (Cash Bonus)
+$85 (MinCash Turbo Takedown)

-$360 (Total Month)

The YTD numbers as at the end of July are as follows:

+$5,745 - Jan*
+$3,385 - Feb*
+$467 - Mar*
+$1,620 - Apr*
+$1,234 - May*
-$1,555 - June
-$360 - July

+$10,536 (Total YTD)

So my first 2 months as an FPP Pro could not have gone much worse to be honest. I am even more determined to succeed now and intend to put in the most amount of time ever in 1 month into training at poker. This month i will not be a hunting FPPs but working on my win-rate. My employment income officially ended in July. So i will have to make cash in Aug to pay my rent..!!

On another note, i just got back from Zorbing in Hertfordshire. It was good fun and definitely worth doing at least once before you die. In terms of value it was quite expensive @ 35GBP for 20seconds of Thrill time. I took my camera but when i attempted to turn it on the battery was completely dead, doh.... what a donk. Luckily once of the guys got some footage, so Pics / Video to come...

See you at the tables in Aug and go easy on me.


  1. yeah, I think that's where your game will start falling because of fpp's at what not. Just continue to play your best game as you have done in the past and eventually you can play more tables and more hours I think. I had that problem the 4 months i started and It was something I never wanted to be, a fpp pro. The fpp's will just come overtime, good luck sir!!!

  2. I honestly think you should give HEM another try, you can customize the stats and you should also pick the same seat on the table so that the stats falls under the right player. If you want a bigger sample size I think that you ca buy HH from Pokertableratings...

    I also MT NL100 on stars and I find that the HEM have helped me alot.
    GL otherwise on NL50 until we meet again on NL100
    And congratz on a good blog....

  3. @kenyakalle3333, thanks, i will play around with it... its only day2 so.... Whats your screen name?? are you one of the many Regs that destroy me?

  4. I cant tell you my nick,(sry dude dont ask why). But yeah I am a reg but unfortunately not up as much that I would want to be against you:p
    You are a tought opponent and Im sure that you will be back in Nl100 in no time...


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