Tuesday, 11 January 2011

4 Figure Pay Day + Some Sound for your Soul

Today I hit a milestone.... I made over a $1,000 in a single day for the first time ever by playing a card game.

2 things contributed to this.

Firstly, my hands helled up for once... this almost never happens consistently, but today it did.. I got it in time and time again with the best of it and can not really remember a bad beat.

Secondly, I focused like I haven't done so in a long while. I didn't spew 1 big hand all day in around 8500 hands. Usually I spew at least 2 BIs a day.

Today's numbers:

+$804 (Cash Game Winnings)
+$50 (Stellar Reward)
+$174 (FPP Value)


It wasn't my best day ever on the felt as I have made $888 as my record but as that was at NL100 the FPPs were far less. I am now at NL200, enjoying the greater VPP per hand rate. Hope I don't do what i usually do and lose it all the following day..!!

Poker Music

On occasion I put on a little background music to help the grind along.... When I say background, I mean background..!! If I'm dancing to it then its too loud and will mess with my concentration. I have tried many genres but most distract from the grind.

I have found one type of music that can really get u into a rhythm, mellow drum n bass without any hardcore mc-ing

This following set is an hour long and the best one that I have heard for poker grinding... enjoy


  1. Cheers Buddy, hope i can keep up SNE pace!!

  2. Props. 8500 hands in a day nice grind...

  3. Thx, I think my record is around 12k hands in 1 day

  4. glad you have bounced back from your last post m8

  5. Cheers Rossi, I got enough FPPs for my $1,500 bonus too but gonna hold out for the $4,000 one unless I hit another bad run and need it asap, GL

  6. wow!! hey rosh!! nice going!!!!! if i could use my bonuses to pad my bankroll, I be rolling with you at the 100nl and 200nl, but i suck to much right now....keep it up!!!!

  7. Gold, long time man..!! Im sure u will be back before u know it..!! Hope u crush da fiddy..!! Thx & GL

  8. Rosh you on the Cardschat.com forum or just 2+2 ??

  9. Yea $888.00 at 100nl is 8 buy-ins nice and the 200nl you made was 4 Buy-ins at $804.00 right?? . Seems pretty comparable to my micros at $2.00 Nl my best day was $7.86 out of 209,000 hands which is almost 4 Buy-ins and at $5.00 nl so far $19.09 which also is almost 4 buy-ins at 70,000 hands.. A 8 buy-in winning session would be awesome...But it's amazing how many buy-ins i have lost in my worst session LOL..

  10. I think I won around 10 BIs before, but that was at NL50

  11. Hey Rosh , when you played 50nl or smaller what was your Vpip/pfr . Or if you dont want to answer that no prob what do you think a good vpip/pfr should be in those limits 50Nl or 25NL thanks. Chris (The micro grinder guy)

  12. Chris, I played Nitty between 14/11 and 12/10 most of the time. But I think its irrelevant. The majority of money u will win in poker will come from post flop play.

    If u analysed the Top 15 players in each division u will get a wide disparity in Vpip/pfr.

    Examples: At NL50 there is a guy called takexcarexx who beats the game playing 8/8. At NL100 there is a guy called smbxx who plays 25/20 and crushes.

    I pay virtually no attention to these stats except for adjusting my call ranges vs specific opponents, usually for AIPF situations.


  13. I smile thinking I contributed a little to your record win :) Never a doubt that you will make great strides this year. Just the beginning. xoxox

  14. Lol. Can confirm it is just the beginning..!! We are due for a few tangles in 2011, no doubt. GL


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