Tuesday, 4 January 2011

SNE TrainWreck

As the New Years Eve hangover eased the epic grind began.

I am now 3 days into my SNE chase and its been an absolute Trainwreck.

I have to get used to grinding 24Tables daily for around 11-12k at NL100. I need 2740 VPPs each day. It's gonna be dam hard..!!

So far i have varied the session times and lengths. I think the best setup is 3 sessions per day. The first being 3.5hrs followed by 2x 2.5hr sessions.

I need 1,000,000 VPPs in the year to hit SNE. At NL100 it's around 7.5-8hrs per day. This is calculated over 365days with no days off. Realistically I will have 1 day a week and also 1 or 2 Holidays which may be a week or 2 here and there.

I will have to move to playing some or all of my tables at NL200. I am looking to do this in March or April. This means I will fall slightly behind pace and will have to catch up in the summer. I want to finish up with time to spare. All this is a long way away so I better get back to the present and reality.

Reality is that I have had 3 days of SNE grind and Day 2 was my 2nd worst day ever in 5yrs of Poker. I started with a few bad beats and then descended into tilt calling in spots that I never usually call. In the end I lost around 13BIs on Day2. The interesting part of the HEM analysis was that I only got Stacked once. So all the cash was lost in small or medium pots.

My SNE Bankroll started at around $6,000 and I have now lost almost a third of it in 3days. I have lost cash on each day and have only had 3 winning sessions out of 9. If this continues I will be busto before I can even think about NL200 and March onwards....

Now that the FPP cash bonuses no longer need to be cleared and only cost 1FPP this gives me little leeway to go for the $4k ones. What I will do is monitor my BR and if it gets too low I will quickly buy a $1,500 bonus to top my balance up. If I don't need a top up then I can save up for the $4k bonus.

Here is the day 2 giraffe:


  1. i would recommend giving up on the SNE goal, from how this post looks it seems like you really jumped in at the deep end.

    aim for something that gives you a little more time off to relax and affords you hours to work on your game and improve as a player.

    i personally would love to get to sne but know i would have a horrid time if i ever decided to go for it as it would cause alot of stress and anger.

    1.9million hands (160k hands/month) of 100nl with a winrate of 1.3ptbb earns you $50k~ at the tables. add that to $40k value of 500k milestone and your not that far off SNE money working half as many hours.

    gl with whatever you decide on doing though!

  2. Aw, GL, hope things turn around for you...
    maybe short stack or something until you get a bonus?

  3. tough break rosh mate keep your head up

  4. Cheers Guys

    I definitely hav lots to think about over the next 2 months. Lets hope I turns things around. If not I could be busto by 10th Jan and queueing up at the Job Centre..!!



  5. rosh mate u might have already tried but i recommend playing the 20-50BB tables and playing with max buy in those tables are so fishy

  6. Volt, I never played them. Im gonna try at the end of this month.

  7. I feel your pain, I've been getting crushed as well in my first attempt at SNE. I will continue the grind for the rest of January (or until busto) and then reevaluate whether I can continue to go for it. good luck.

  8. Keep tryin man. Good advice from Alex above. We can go for less VPPs and play better if need be.
    But I know SNE is tempting

    Had a good day today was up almost $350 at one stage b4 I made a bad error and got in it with bottom set vs top set. Still up over $200 with rakeback


  9. Best of luck turning things around. Just try to put things into perspective, we are only five days into 2011, there are still 360 of the 24 hour long bitches left! And secondly you don't turn into a losing player overnight.

    It's just a blip that's all, a sizable blip but a bliop nonetheless

  10. Cheers YP, gud to have ur support..!!

    As it goes i made $500 Yest and am up $125 today with a $50 Stella rewerd around the corner

    Also I am only 2days away from a $1,500 cash bonus shud i require it. Want to save for the $4k one though


  11. The twists and turns will always be there....just be sure not to twist and turn with them.. stay steadfast in your play and decisions rosh. You are a GREAT player....dont take away from that. I believe in you. DO it!

    Sending good vibes across the atlantic ;)

  12. good luck man. i know you can do it:) hopefully things turn around. keep your head up.

  13. Cheers Rex n Cam. On my Day off today. Currently lookin at the a few different concepts b4 I re-join the tables. GL to u both

  14. Hey Rosh hit me up on skype when you get a chance. My Id is Rexy555

    Cheers =)


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