Saturday, 29 January 2011


Today I played the 8-Game for the 1st time. I have only played 2 out of the 8 games prior to seating so I was pretty much clueless.

I 1 tabled this event while watching a movie, TV programmes and surfing the interweb. As it turned out it was one of the most enjoyable poker days in a while. I had to figure each game as I played. I had web pages with notes on each game open and learnt and played.

The Games are:

1. Limit Triple Draw 2-7
2. Limit Holdem
3. Limit Omaha H/L
4. Limit Razz
5. Limit Stud
6. Limit Stud H/L
7. NL Holdem
8. PL Omaha

There were 652 entrants and I managed to finish 72nd and collect my second SCOOP ticket this week.

One of the funniest hands was when I didn't realise that the game hand changed from Razz to Stud. I was playing the nuts in Razz, but the game had switched and I went crazy betting and re-raising when my hand was useless in Stud and I lost a Huge Pot, lol.

On Monday in Event 1, I final tabled for a 5th place finish and a $215 SCOOP ticket. I will get a few more WBCOOP leader board points today which might take me into the Top 10. I am out tomorrow night so I will miss the NLH event but I will play in Sundays Main Event Final. This will be my last chance to get big points to Top the Leader Board. Basically I need to win the main event to top the leaderboard and take down the $5,000 1st prize.... You never know..

I will also play the Turbo Takedown and attempt to get three consecutive cashes for the triple bonus.

My SNE attempt has been put on hold this week due to running and playing terribly month to date. I will be back on it from Monday with a few decisions to be made game wise. Pokerstars have announced changes to their cash game line up. The 20-50bb tables will disappear and be replaced by CAP tables. I have been playing these 50bb tables so I will now go back to the full-ring 100bb tables. The game quality may improve due to the recreational player pool from the 50bb tables probably moving to the 100bb tables. This is yet to be seen as they might opt for the CAP tables.

This week I have also tried the new Fifty50 Tables and played a few DoNs (Double or Nothing) to vary it up. Its been a fun week pokerwise. Making my best MTT finish made this a memorable week.

Cu soon



  1. hey rosh what do u get for three consecutive cashes in the turbo take down??

  2. Damn I played one WBCOOP and completely forgot about all the other ones, I really want to play in the main event lol

  3. Volt, each consecutive cash gets u a $100 bonus. Last time I got a $100 bonus + the money I cashed. This time I would get a $200 bonus + the money I cash. It goes up $100 each time upto a max of $1,000 for 10 consecutive cashes.

    Donk, play tonight, finish in the top 200 to collect ur Main Event tkt. I have 3 main event tickets but I don't see the point because I can only use 1. Maybe I can ship u one.

  4. you cant ship any left over WBCOOP tickets...I tried!Just be happy that you are thinning out the field for the ME!

  5. Haha Goat ur right. I should not encourage Donk to play as he will probably knock me out. GL on Sunday. Btw u were 'sat out' on my left in the 8-game for around the first hour... I was stealing ur blinds left, right n centre, lol... It was great, thx.


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