Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead

Having watched the World News on a few occasions this week you do realise that we often take so many things for granted.

Having been crushed at poker over the course of this month at both NL100 and NL200 (20-50bb), I thought about what the worst possible thing that could happen to me poker wise...... I lose a few thousands this month (done), I bust my roll (almost), SNE attempt fails (almost), I quit Poker or go back to being a recreational player (Strong Possibility).... But in Life terms it ain't that bad... I just go back to the world of Finance and find another job as a Business Analyst or the like.

The point of this post is simply to say and for me to rant that, 'Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead'...!! Whatever adversities I face there are far worse fates than what I encounter on a day to day basis from the Floods in Brazil, Aussie n Sri Lanka to the Suicide Bombing this morning in Iraq to the Extreme Poverty faced by millions in Africa and Asia and so much more.

A few days ago I noticed that I had only $85 on one of my tables (I always auto buy-in for the maximum to have the best possible implied odds vs the Big Stacks).. I quickly popped up the cashier to find that I had all my money in play and that my roll was only $2,700 when I had started with over $6,000. I was forced to purchase a $1,500 bonus to top up my roll and my hopes of getting my first $4,000 bonus were crushed. I got to around 180,000 FPPs so I was close.

I am cool, calm and collected and positive about whatever the future will hold...!! Its a fight but I am more determined than ever to achieve SNE even though my roll is close to busto.

Smile and GL



  1. hey rosh man just curious why dont u drop down 50NL its not that bad down there and seriously if u have the roll for 200NL by june u can get SNE in 6 months easy if u play like 8.5 hours every day lol ill be behind pace for about 3 and a half months lol but thats because i started with a 500 roll and at 10NL and iv more then trippled my roll so far this months anything is possible gl talk soon mate

  2. yeah it would really suck to have to stop the sne chase, but its def not the end of the world. good luck, i hope things turn around for you soon.

  3. Alright mate.

    Maybe you are under-rolled for the SNE chase, by that i mean the pressure of losing when you have such a small roll. I dont think i would go for it without at least a $20k roll so i could concentrate on volume and not be mind-fucked by a losing strech.

    I am talking from experience here. Two years ago this month (just looked at my jan 2008 stats) i had a $12k roll and was playing $1/$2. Over the next year and a half i played shit coz i felt under pressure (i had dropped hours at work) and chased games, changed stuff constantly and got to the point in September(2010) where i was gonna give up poker. Hence me starting again with a $500 roll and no pressure.....never again to put myself under that stress.

    Look at some of the guys you are playing against at NL$200/NL$100, who are going for SNE, some have rolls of $100k+, how can you compete mentally with that when you have a $6k roll.

    Dont mean to sound negative, but maybe you should forget SNE this year and concentrate building your roll and go for it in 2012. Its not going anywhere and time goes so fast anyway (i have grinded NL$5 for five months just to move upto NL$10 with 100 buy-in roll).
    Like you say there are a lot of worse things that could happen, so why put yourself under stress and maybe force yourself into a position where you have to go back to work. When with a bit of patience you could stay as a pro, build the foundations properly and go for it next year.

    Anyway m8 goodluck with whatever you decide to do.

  4. Volt, There are so many options available to me, I'm not yet entirely sure what to do. Watch this space and GL

    Nova, The game is still on...!! But for how long, who knows... Fight it buddy, GL

    Rossi, Someone told me the world ends in 2012, lol, so this would be the last chance to make SNE.. hehe, na seriously though I want a $12k roll to go for SNE properly and hopefully I can Bonus it up to there and continue this year. $20k would be really nice and as u say confortable for the swings.

    I am really not sure how this will go but I may be at NL50 soon going for a more realistic 500k VPP or so, we'll see. GL Man

  5. gl rosh hope things turn around for the better and you can continue the chase

  6. 100 Buy-ins is pretty sound safe. But its more fun living on the edge, close to busto everyday, lol.....

  7. Ha funny that you mentioned the world ending in 2012. Lately when things don't go well for me I find myself saying "Eh, the worlds gonna end in 2012 anyways so it doesn't really matter." I hope things turn around for you. I'm always pulling for you sickos that go for SNE.

  8. Trob, cheers.... as it goes I bagged around $850 today inc rakeback

  9. gl rosh, fwiw i'm not sure if sne is the best way to get value anymore-it might be worth just playing fewer tables that are softer. also, as others have mentioned, playing severely under-rolled is tough. from personal experience, i had a $20k roll when i began my sne last January (200 buy-ins) and i'd recommend the same or at the very least 100 buy-ins.

    anyways, wish you the best in poker and life-you're a good guy!

  10. Frosty, I am defo under-rolled at the mo but its early days. If I go on a lil winning run I could get upto $10k which would give me 100 BIs at NL200(20-50bb). GL with Team Pro..!

  11. Fell behind on my blog reading. =\
    I love your attitude and perspective.
    With it, there is no way you will fail at poker. SHort term, yea it seems challenging to achieve your goals...but your mindset speaks volumes. It is such a winning attitude and I admire you for it. I wish I had an extra 10k to invest in your SNE chase but I dont...But come 2012 if you are still looking for your shot at SNE, you would be first on my list to stake.
    I believe in you.

  12. Oh yea and one more thing.. oddly enough that top picture of the smileys was my tiled wallpaper all last week. The exact same one.. a reminder of remaining positive when all around me is negativity. <3

  13. Thx Rex, The fight goes on...!!


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