Sunday, 6 March 2011

BIGGIE Sunday Million Prediction

Today is the BIG one. It's the 5yr Anniversary Sunday Million. Stars have put up a guaranteed $5m prize pool with $1m for 1st place also guaranteed + a nice new Lambo.

I have managed to make the required 13500 FPPs for a ticket entry since I cashed a $1,500 bonus last week so its game on and I'm in for this tourney.

With a historic event like this in the making we can expect some serious volume of entries. I am going to guess that there will be close to 40,000 entrants once the extended registration period closes.

I think the prize distribution for 40,000 runners will be something like this:

1st -              $1,048,514.16 + Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
2nd -             $770,952.00
3rd -             $546,641.68
4th -              $367,120.00
5th -              $293,696.00
6th -              $220,272.00
7th -              $146,848.00
8th -              $80,766.40
9th -              $51,396.80
10th-12th -    $38,180.48
13th-15th -    $28,268.24
16th-18th -    $18,356.00
19th-27th -    $15,786.16
28th-36th -    $14,317.68
37th-45th -    $13,216.32
46th-54th -    $12,114.96
55th-63rd -   $11,013.60
64th-72nd -   $9,912.24
73rd-81st -   $8,810.88
82nd-90th -   $7,709.52
91st-99th -    $6,608.16

I wouldn't mind finishing in 99th place, 1st would be a dream.

GL to all

How fast could u drive the Lambo?


  1. i predict the sun and the rosh final tabling!!!!! glglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglgl!!!!

  2. I'm too awful at tourneys to justify the 13,5k FPP entry cost, but best of luck to you!

  3. Cheers Guys! See u there Gold

  4. how far did you end up rosh. and how come im not on your blog roll crazy

  5. I finished in 4313th place outlasting 93% of the field. Will add ur blog, i've missed quite blogs out jus cos there are so many and i forget all the links, so nothing personal..!!

  6. ohhhh its alright i suppose but thats pretty sick man


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