Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What an Event

So my prediction for the runners on Sunday was only 20,000 out, lol.

The event turned out to be absolutely massive. There were 59,128 players creating a pool of $11,825,600.

This was the biggest event that I have played in.

A deal was done at the final table between all nine players and the eventual winner was player Bdbeatslayer.

The Deal was as follows:

Seat 1: guccyka (50,203,242 in chips) = $411,090.13
Seat 2: Syndrome1977 (102,993,561 in chips) = $799,842.09
Seat 3: Jan10004 (36,614,737 in chips) = $311,023.33
Seat 4: sheppyshape (57,611,760 in chips) = $465,647.02
Seat 5: nhar818 (54,338,307 in chips) = $441,541.06
Seat 6: Bdbeatslayer (86,189,244 in chips) = $671,093.81
Seat 7: wrzr123 (108,339,484 in chips) = $844,209.88
Seat 8: Battmeister (30,213,033 in chips) = $263,888.06
Seat 9: zeurrr (64,775,632 in chips) = $518,402.33

Big numbers. I would have loved to have made this table!

The Actual Prize breakdown before the deal was:

1st -             $1,655,629.38 + Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
2nd -            $1,182,560.00
3rd -            $792,315.20
4th -             $449,372.80
5th -             $271,988.80
6th -             $153,732.80
7th -             $107,612.96
8th -             $72,136.16
9th -             $41,389.60
10th-12th -   $27,790.16
13th-15th -   $21,877.36
16th-18th -   $16,555.84
19th-27th -   $13,008.16
28th-36th -   $11,234.32
37th-45th -   $10,051.76
46th-54th -   $8,869.20
55th-63rd -   $8,277.92
64th-72nd -  $7,686.64
73rd-81st -   $7,213.61
82nd-90th -  $6,858.84
91st-99th -   $6,622.33

So how did I do then? Well, I finished in 4313th place for a min cash of $354. I made a Swap deal with 4 other poker players who were all knocked before the cash so I lost another $60 in payouts. So all in all it was a fun experience for not much financial reward.

I am pretty sure that Stars could make the Sunday Million $2m guaranteed without losing out.

Here some of the hands from my run. Unfortunately I don't know how to do the hand history conversions that lots of people do so its described in good old fashioned narrative! (If anyone could teach me please leave a comment on how to and it will be much appreciated)

1. AK
2. A9 vs TT
3. 66 vs 33
4. 66 vs KK

1. AK

This hand was interesting for a number of reasons: bet sizes, villain and being OOP. I pick up AKo in the SB. Villain is 32/17 and MP1. With the blinds at 225/475 + 25 Ante he opens to 1000. I have 8142 and think I have 3 options:

Smooth Call

I could easily call here and get away from my hand if I miss the flop but AK is a monster in a tourney situation

I could also shove here and take it down pre and given how wide he is with a VPIP of 32 I am probably ahead or still have good equity. This was probably the play I should have made

I decide that if I raise and he calls and I miss the flop I will be in a bad position and check folding will be such a bad play. I decide that I will lead shove any pretty much flop unless I hit monster then I will check raise. I make it 3333 and he call. Flop is 2T7 (2 Spade). I shove with A of spades and he folds. I guess he had AT-AQ perhaps AK too. (comments on this hand appreciated)

2. A9 vs TT

With the blinds at 900/1800 + 200 ante I find A9 in mid position with on 14500 chips left. I shove and get insta called by a 12/9, uh oh, he aint calling with anything worse. He shows TT but the board runs:


for a nice full house and I double up.

3.  66 vs 33

I had just folded for around 2 orbits, havin had no hands and hung in there to mincash. 2nd hand after bubble burst i have like 3bb left, lol and get 66. Shove. Button calls with 33. Flop is





4.  The Final Hand

Villain is the 32/17 guy again. All night he had been opening between 2.5x - 3x. A few hands earlier he min raises UTG and I shoved with A8s, he called with A6o. I hit a flush and doubled up. That told me that his min raise means weakness.

Now he just limps so this could mean an even weaker hand or a monster. I find 66 in the CO and with the blinds at 2400/5400 + 600 ante I decided to go for it with 76716 chips (around 14bb). He slow played KK and that's all she wrote for me!


Till the next time

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