Monday, 28 March 2011

Sexy Six

My Cash Game run good continues and I am now up 6 days in row. It feels just like the old days!!

On the last Sunday of each month I play the Turbo Takedown, DNG (Daily Ninety Grand - Sunday Special) and from now onwards the newly re-named STORM. I also occasionally play the Sunday Million or Sunday Warmup

Today I didn't fare well in the tourneys and was dumped out of all of them by 11pm, ouch....

The end of the month is close and I am hoping to win the last four days of march to make it 10 up days on the trot.

I now play 10 Tables of NL100 as my standard with a few variations thrown in for laffs

Anyways, here is the graph:


In other news, Sri Lanka absolutly smashed England in the Cricket World Cup and now meet New Zealand in the Semi-Finals. We have already beat them in the group stage so it should be a repeat battering.




  1. Hi Rosh!

    Nice results ;)Anyway wanted to ask u which hand converter do u use. I tried the 2+2 one but it didn`t work, so I am wondering if maybe I have to change some settings in blogs options?!

    Thanks in advance

  2. TY John!

    Greg, I use

    Selcet which option u want, be it blog or 2+2

    Ty and GL

  3. Great blog..

    Wondered if i could link it on my blog and if you would link mine?

  4. No worries Dan, we can do this


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