Thursday, 30 June 2011

Almost Best Day Ever + my 1st $4,000 Bonus

Its amazing how the fortunes of poker players can differ so greatly. From the micro grinders to the nosebleed celebs, we are all at different levels. One players best day is simply another's blind or straddle.

Yesterday as black Wednesday sadly killed the action of many Full Tilt players I was busy going for my best day ever on Pokerstars. Unfortunately I didn't make it and my best day ever still stands at $888 but briefly I surpassed that number.

If u look at the graph below u can see that at around 4,000 hands in I was just under $1,000 winnings for the day. Maybe I should have just stopped then.

Also, if I had run at EV then I would have beat my record.

I recall one hand vs a loosey goosey player where UTG opened for a raise and got 3bet big by the loose MP player. I found myself sitting to his right with AA and decided to just call. UTG folded and we were heads up. The flop came 3 hearts, all low and I didn't have the Ace of hearts. He cbet big and I just shoved. The turn was the Jack of hearts and I was drawing dead to his QQh. If I won that hand I would have also beaten the record. Forgetting all the ifs n butts I still made a decent day.

Today is also a historic day as I have done the unimaginable and managed to save up 250,000 FPPs and am able to purchase the $4,000 bonus from the store. I hope this is the 1st of many..!!

These are however all small consolations for a bad bad month...!!

CU soon......


  1. Very nice graph you have there. Congratulations for your bonus! :)

  2. Wow , i said you would crush July not June hehehehe. Great job Rosh and thats awesome to be in the top winners for the day on PTR keep crushin and playin smart. I see on the graph you stayed tight to all-in Ev sweet... I always feel i'm on my game when i win more than EV says and lose less than Ev says i would lose..

  3. nice one mate. hopefully all the players that play on Full Tilt will migrate to Pokerstars. I see they have offered a $100 deposit bonus (clever) to coninside with the demise of full tilt.
    Pokerstars numbers seem to be up slightly today too which is good

  4. I only want the fish to migrate. The Regs can go to Party..!! Lol

  5. well done rosh keep it up mate


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