Monday, 6 June 2011

Are you Tough Enough?..... June Challenge Update....

I'm gonna have to dig deep this month

I knew if I mentioned what I wanted to achieve in June it would probably doomswitch me. I little bit of me thought just keep it to yourself then if you fail know one needs to know. But then I thought, F it that's no fun... put your head on the line and see if you can make it.

Monetary challenges are always harder than volume challenges as variance and bad play enter the equation.

In June I am aiming to complete 2 challenges: To make $10k in a month and also in the process to have my biggest month ever.

I need to earn 52k VPPs to get one $4k cash bonus and one $2.6k milestone bonus. I am also aiming to make $3.4k on the felt, which is line with what I made in the last 2 months. These amounts will take me to a 5-digit month.

Day 1 started so well, up $300. Day 2 and I lost all Day 1s profit... back to evens. Then 2 days of doom and I am down $900 for the month. I have made 9k VPPs so far which is good and means I am on pace for the 52k.

My biggest month ever was in Jan 2010 where I took $5,745. As it stands with both bonuses I would make $5,700 which is $45 less than my best. Got some work to do. I would be pretty happy to make $7k in a month but I will push for the 5 figure month.... lets go..

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