Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How to calculate your bb/100 or PTBB/100?

If you don't know how to calculate your bb/100 or PTBB/100 then this post will help you.

bb/100 is a measure of win rate and is the big blinds per hundred hands played.

PTBB (or BB) is Poker Tracker Big Bets and is also a measure of win rate and equals 2x the bb figure or half the bb/100 figure.

If I create an example we can see how to calculate the figure.

The following numbers are to be used:

8000 Hands
$0.50 - NL50 limit bb as a decimal
$265 - Winnings for the day

First calculate the number of big blinds won:
265/0.5 = 530 bb

Secondly calculate the sets of 100 hands:
8000/100 = 80

Finally calculate the bb/100:
530/80 = 6.62 bb/100

To calculate the PTBB/100
6.62/2 = 3.31 PTBB/100

A quicker method to work out either the bb/100 or PTBB/100 is:

(Winnings / # of hands) * 100 / bb or
(Winnings / # of hands) * 100 / BB

I hope this helps.



  1. Alright mate.

    In your opinion what stats should a multi-tabling fullring NLHE grinder have.

  2. Ez Ross,

    My HUD has:

    Hands Played
    Steal %
    Fold to Steal %
    3bet %
    Fold to 3bet %
    4bet %
    Cbet %
    Fold to Cbet %
    Flop Check Raise

    There are so many more u could incorporate but your screen space and time is limited. Choose wisely...



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