Friday, 17 June 2011

Setting a Monetary Poker Goal is bad for Business.....

Due to the nature of the beast that is poker it is very hard to predict what you can achieve in monetary goals.

Even if you are quite confident in your win rate if you run bad or go on some kind of tilt this can dramatically affect your results, especially in the short term.

If you set a money goal this can also determine how you play if u are chasing an amount each day. This will negatively impact your moves on the felt.

After 2 good months on the felt taking over $3k in winnings alone each month I thought it would be feasible to do it again. Instead I have run bad and spewed and am now down $3k for the month.

So I will never set monetary goals again. I learnt the hard way..!! What was forecast to be potentially a $10k month will now be break even as I have given up chasing the 200k VPP bonus this month and will pick it up 1st week in July.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaar.... Poker...........!!

I will now have one goal in poker... to play as good as I can in every single hand that I play...!! Volume goals are okay but again... set with caution



  1. I agreed monetary poker goals is bad, tommy angelo talk about them in his series of tiltness. Not acomplish the goals make we play worst poker.

    GL in the tables.

  2. Cheers

    Time to just simply play...!!


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