Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Europe's Largest Shopping Centre Opens - Westfield Stratford City

Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre has just opened today.

It is now Europe's biggest shopping centre and is also part of the 2012 Olympic Games development.

What interests me is that it will house the UK's Largest Casino and first 'Super Casino' in the country. I'm not sure what this means exactly but I have heard they get a special license to carry things that the other casino's are not permitted to... hmmmmmm... Hope they have some good poker games there..!!

I am planning on going down there on Friday as I have a show to attended (later post) on the same evening in that part of London.

The complex will house 300+ stores, 70+ restaurants, a 14 screen cinema, 3 hotels, a bowling alley as well as the casino. 18,000 jobs will be created and well as new transport infrastructure.

This should be a fun place to chill out.


  1. im hoping to come over during the olympics ill have to check this out for sure

  2. Cool. Giv me a buzz when ur down

  3. will do mate we can go for luch and play some cash games at the new casino


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