Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pokerstars Cricket Night

I recently got a call from a Pokerstars Rep.

I was a bit sceptical when I received the call as I been reading about scams where people where posing as Stars Reps on Skype in an attempt to swindle players.

After a while talking to this guy it was apparent that he was really who he claimed to be and I began to trust him.

Stars organises social events for Supernova+ players to bring a more community feel to what can be quite an isolated job if you grinding alone behind a screen for hours on end.

I think its a great idea and there aren't many poker sites that would host these kind of nights out on their account.

Yesterday I attended the England vs West Indies T20 Cricket match at the Oval. Myself, 4 other players and the Stars Rep all attended and it was paid for by Stars. We were also treated to drinks and food and it was a fun evening. The players that attended all played different games from HU to SNGs to FR Cash to 6-max.

The game was pretty interesting although predictable at the end as England romped home to victory

Afterwards we hit a pub for a few more after game drinkz.

Here we are:


  1. cool. all the more reason to try and get to Supernova.

  2. Only one more step you Mr Platinum..!!

  3. Awesome,, sounds like fun congrats ..

  4. Which one are you Rosh? and who are the others??

  5. From L-R: Jonny (Stars Rep), John, CK, Uni Guy, Rosh, JJ

  6. Awesome! Makes me wish I didn't lose my supernova this past summer


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