Saturday, 25 August 2012

WTF is Going on Here??

The way this one played out I thought there were 6 aces in the deck

Pretty shocked to see villains holding but the result is what the last 2 months have been all about. I think my run is now the worst of all time. I could probably post another 100 hands like this over the last 8 weeks but I will stop whingeing now and post an interesting one.

In this hand the villain is a decent reg and I have a decent sample on him. I am about to smash the raise button when I notice his aggro factor is very high at 7. Because of this I decide to just call and take him down post.

I didn't envisage another reg with an aggro factor of 6 also entering the fray.....

This final hand is against a huge whale. The ending is pretty sick. You know what's coming...


  1. Damn I read about your down swing but seeing these hands make me feel pain on your behalf =X

  2. Cheers for the support

    There's probably around a 150 or more similar beats over the last 2 months making this now my worst run ever (in 7 years of poker).

    The funny thing is I keep fighting back and going on a little good run only to be stung by another series of beats taking me down again.

    Its 2 steps forward and 3 steps back :) I'm more determined than ever now to get back my uptick

  3. same here. Just wasting time atm...

    and the worst beats always happens in deep stacks spots against those vpip monsters...dont see how this will ever be even out..

    But theres no option than believing in this longterm shit ;-)

    ride it out - keep grinding!


    best regards from a 25 zoom reg

    (btw, is 25 really as much juicy as 25 ??)

  4. Cheers bud... Just think of all those FPPs :)

    Its become a bit of a joke at place. Every time I am about to go all-in I call my gf over and say: 'watch me lose my stack', shove with the nuts or best hand and then lose by the river, lol.

    Keep Fighting..!!

  5. Ha Ha thats funny :-))

    -> same here - again!

    2 or 3 days ago: call my gf for lucky charm - flopped nut straight vs a nit-bug and said: " just cross your fingers, that the board get not paired!" - boom! river paired the board! .....was not the only one that she saw the miserable...but this beat was not really bad..

    Anyways the beneficial side effect is you arouse pity and earning tending loving care and in this specific case she thougt that i am a hell of a player bc i knew his hand...... :-)


    the nl25 (probably) parttime - colleague

  6. been going through similar sick run as you man, uncannily similar. Hope we make it through to the other side. GL :)


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