Tuesday, 21 August 2012

85 Billionth Hand Hits on Stars + Update

I was playing a personal record breaking 28 tables simultaneously at the moment the mega milestone hit. 

My table limit had recently been increased but I don't usually play more than 20 unless I am milestone mining.

It was all in vain as I missed out again and am yet to hit a milestone or mega milestone hand.

The 85 Billionth Hand hit an NL5 table where the previous pot was a staggering $0.12, lol. Its nice when the little guys win these promos.

The Winner was som6873 whose K4s scooped the pot and took home $26,300 in total, congrats..!!

In other news my comeback is well and truly under way at NL25:

I will receive my bonus today but I will have to withdraw it to pay bills so I will need to win around 7 more BIs at NL25 before my roll gets to where I am happy and I move back up to NL50.


  1. Good job on working through your downswing.

    Do you play full time?

  2. Thx. Pretty much full time with a few fingers in a few other pies


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