Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gotta Learn to Read the Board Jack

It still makes me chuckle a little when I see a fish or whale misread this board. It is quite a rare occurrence for the cards to run out like this so I guess these guys get confused. Its best 5 cards not 6.....

An Ace and a Queen... time to open:

He leads the flop....

I'm aggro wit 2 overs so lets raise:

Another 6 onboard and he checks. No reason to bet here... If he has a Jack he will crai and I will be forced to fold. Check back:

And another 6, best card in the deck for me. 

Oh wait, he leads here... it could be a chop or is he one of those dudes that misreads this board.

Yup he had a Jack but Jack no good....


  1. haha

    so funny when people do that, wtf are they thinking.
    if yr him as a short stacker surely you would make a $5 bet on the turn so that you were protecting against an A or K falling, and also so that you were committed (SPR) to put yr other $5 in on the river regardless.

    awesome results at NL$25 mate

  2. This is one of the noticeable differences in stakes, value betting is worse as you move down the levels. Maybe he just wanted to crai.

    It reminded me of the old home games we used have when people would misread the board. I remember a few time when mates would start arguing that they had 3 pair


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