Friday, 10 August 2012


Monkey Tilt, Spew, Coolers, Bad Beats, FPS etc etc etc.......

Anything that could go wrong is and anything I can do to shoot myself in the face I am obliging..

After being up +$20k for the year I am now on a sick downer:


  1. Mate, im on an extremely bad downswing myself, everything Im doing just goes wrong, even when im holding the bullets/cowboys, just not getting action or getting outdrawn by fish,..and everytime there shoving flops catching their flushes or their straights.. So my EV hasnt been too bad.. But the losses day after day,..1 stack down, 2 stacks down, the struggle,.. then i start playing bad,..FPS,..and stacking light and making stupid decisions!
    But, be cool, relax, and try make the good decisions. Oh and make sure you tune into donkey fridays,..they are sick (good), at 50NL, just take your time and youll get them.
    GL at the tables

    A Fellow Englishmen!

  2. Cheers Bud.

    Some of the calls I faced in the last month have been unbelievable, like a 400bb deep pot vs mega whale who calls with a 5-high flush draw on the turn and gets there.

    Just had a good session and my focus is completely back. Time to win

  3. no rosh why do you gotta lose. i shouldnt even play poker this month


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