Friday, 7 June 2013

30BI Rule - Update 06/06/13

Recently I talked about the 30 BI rule which I am now using

I started out playing with only $2.6k as I had cashed out over $10k during a 3 month period. 

I began playing NL25/NL50 with the target of hitting $3k and then adding in some NL100. I managed to pass that figure but then went on a $700 downer which meant I had to drop that level.

I had been flirting above and below the $3k figure for a while until this month kicked off a little heater and I am now decently above.

I am still playing ZOOM and the problem now is that NL100 doesn't run at FR during the daytime. I play some 6max but still feel more comfortable with FR. 

In the mornings/ afternoon I 8x table NL25/NL50 or 6x table NL50/NL100 6max. The evenings are good as I can 8x table NL100/NL50.

My next target is to get the roll up to $6k then add NL200. For the time being I may have to switch to normal tables so I can play more 100.


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