Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Didn't Like Him So I Pumped It Up

Pretty sure I had some 3b/4b battles with this villain a couple of months back. They were though mainly co/btn/sb/bb but this time I made an error by squeezing here as he is UTG+1 and a 12/10 nit. The 4b is so small I decided to speculate + there are some guys you just wanna get :)

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  1. well played sir, i would of definitely shoved on the turn to try and make him fold his over pair, but most likely he would call. By me shoving on the turn i'm either representing top pair or a medium pocket pair but the line that you took by checking worked. i really think the villan was thinking of check raising the turn but you took the free card instead of betting.

    I've had this problem were im constantly trying to force people to fold their better hands and it would tilt me really hard if i couldn't. I guess its coming from a SNG background but i've been trying to adjust. I've gone busto twice now. I guess its coming from an ego that says that if you can't win then why try at all.

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and I've learned a lot of what it really takes to be a real grinder. keep up the good work mate :)

    I'm just waiting for California to regulate online poker to get back playing again.

  2. The turn is very close. Due the diamond falling, shoving is fine and I would probably call his d/barrel jam if he had done so but we have SDV vs AJ,AQ,AK so I chose to check and as you say close to zero FE vs overpair.

    I've played a lot of MTT/SNG too and u defo get it in a lot lighter

    Thx for reading


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