Monday, 24 June 2013

Pokerstars ZOOM And BOOM Promo Is Back

The promo for ZOOM players is back again and it starts right now for the next week. The last time it was on I managed to bag 13 Buy-Ins which was pretty damn good.

This time the rules have changed. 

Last time it was on there was a different hand for each day of the week. Some of the hands were junky like 32s and pretty hard to win with. This time there is only one hand for the whole week and it is KsKc which should be easy to win with..!!

Also, unlike last time you only have to win postflop and not at showdown which means it will be very easy to win with. Due to this reason Stars have limited the wins to only 1 per day with a max win of $100 per day which means the promo will cost them a lot less than last time.

It's still an excellent promotion and I will be hoping to win 7 Buy-Ins, hopefully at the maximum NL100.

I use a four colour deck so I will keep telling myself 'Black King, Green King', lol.

For more details: ZOOM And BOOM Promo


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  1. Got 2day's one:


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