Friday, 14 June 2013

Microulis69 Wins 100 Billionth Hand on Pokerstars for 103k

Around 400k Pokerstars players were online trying to be at the lucky table where the winner of hand 100 Billion was going to get 100k.

It was a 5NL table that hit:

J5s won the hand for player microulis69 who picked up 103k for his trouble. GG

I decided to 28x table to try and hit the mega milestone hand which was a complete nightmare as I struggled to keep up with the pace and timed out over and over again. My game fell apart and I can confirm I will never do this again :)  I think 18-20 is my max. Here is the graph of my session leading up to the milestone hand:

Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. Blog follower was part of the hand =p (HeyitsClay)

  2. Hey Man, Gratz on the score!! What u gonna do with the cash?

  3. yeah, I tried stupid tabling .. fucking destroyed too :(

  4. You got to be in it to win it but considering that there were about 54k tables running when I looked just before the big hand it is a slim chance. Will just play comfortably next time


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