Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sucky Month, Mini Upswing

I'm winning a little last 18k hands:

WTF Month:

Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. sick swings... hopefully more run good in the second half of this month

  2. Yep, Cheers! Its only half time

  3. I probably donated a bi or 2 in your last 18k hands ;)~ hehe . .

    remember you turned 55 into a bluff and hit on the river. . :O and I tried to re-bluff. gg. -_-

  4. Haha, I'm sure we have a few battles ahead :P

  5. I know you rarely play live, but have you considered going more often? From what I've read in the past, you're not too far from live play - why not see how you can do there? I suspect your hourly rate will rise dramatically.

  6. Actually, part of my initial 2013 plan was to play live more often (once a week) as opposed to once a month currently but I got bored during some of the sessions due to the pace. I went recently and ended up playing roulette all night, lol.

    Definitely need to try higher stakes which will probably get me buzzin for it a bit more..!!

    1. If income is your goal, I think you can do better live than online at the stakes you're playing. Get over the boredom. I converted myself from online to live - and got over the boredom. It wasn't easy at first; live play is so much slower. However, it's a WAY different game - there is so much less thought and so much more value to be gained. In a 1/2 game, you can comfortably open to $20 (10x BB) and expect callers. You can 3bet large with your premiums and expect callers. The live players are there to play hands, not to fold. It's a polar contrast to the online gig where your edges are so much thinner.

    2. Can't disagree with any of your points, you're spot on..!!

      You have however forgotten the 'BEER FACTOR'. This eats into your profit and game big time!! :P

      Seriously though, there are lots of expenses like food, drink and travel that are a lot in London if I was playing Live everyday.

      I suppose you just have to manage those professionally and play high enough to cover plus make good profit. As I only play occasionally its more of a night out to splash around. I will definitely try to change this as I know your right and I am missing out here.


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