Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Perfect Note

A pretty interesting hand came up here. A reg limps and a whale isolates and I pick up the rockets. Normally I would just pump this up as the whale has 0% fold to 3b. However, just before I slam down the raise I notice a note on the reg:

This changes everything as with my blockers to AA or AK he pretty much has KK. Im not sure if his limp re-raise range has JJ/QQ or AQ or anything else but as its not in my notes so I can heavily weight this towards KK.

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  1. Suh-weet. Very nicely done. This is a leak in my own game: failing to read notes I've so painstakingly gathered on the villains.

  2. Thx. Pretty cool on stars that u just hover over the note and it pops up, no need to click

  3. would u play the hand any other with no reads?

  4. Yeah, sometimes I will re-raise

  5. so u make the reg fold his weak handrange wich he is islating the fish and also its unlikely that the fish will openlimp + coldcall a 3bet oop without closing the action. u take 5bb, call it well played and "unlucky that he got no KK, so u could stack away preflop"

  6. No, it was the reg limping and the whale isolated. Opposite of the normal situation.

    If the reg limp/folds then I would be raising to get value HU vs the whale because I'm pretty sure he would flat oop or just jam. I don't want to go 4-5 way wit AA as you know what happens.

    What would you do?? (Remember it is the Reg that limped)


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