Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blog Explosion

I have no idea why supernova125 blew up yesterday:

It was the most hits ever in one day. The referral link showed google as the source without any other info. Oh well.....

Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. HAHAHAHA..... well played sir...Pokerstars has about 20-30k micro/play money players that try to play all the freerolls that are availeble(most have a value of less than 1 cent but a lot of people still play them)....

    Right now stars is offering trivia freerolls that pay 1000 entries in the 5 200k freeroll that take place in september(we supernova's get entries to all 5). For a player to enter the freeroll he has to answer a trivia question.

    The question from yesterday was: "when was supernova elite status first introduced?"... So all the micro/play money players searched for "supernova" on google. Your blog has many hits so its on top of the google search engine for the word supernova.

    Yesterday I googled supernova myself tring to find out what value do these freerolls have, and that why I know this.... :D

    Good job and good blog name, lol...

  2. Haha, nice..!! I thought it might be something like that. A few more days like that and I will get to 1 million hits..!!

  3. Nice daily numbers even aside from the one day blowup! You have done a great job growing this blog over the years.


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