Friday, 9 August 2013


Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. I hope you recover from the downswing soon. You should use a more conservative bankroll management imo. Good luck.

    In case you are interested,I am offering staking with nice terms. My standard deal is 100% of rakeback + 60% of winnings for the player(negociable based on volume and longterm winrate).

  2. I don't mind moving up n down the levels but it would be nice to keep moving up only..!!

    I've dropped NL200 now and will concentrate on trying to beat NL100. I still have a $5k roll, if I drop below $3k then I will drop back to 25/50 only

  3. Rosh,

    Kudos to you for posting the bad sessions as well as the good. So many poker bloggers go quiet during a downswing and fail to keep it real like you do.

    Not sure if this is right but it seems like your months often follow a similar pattern of bad start followed by recovery. Maybe you should leave shot taking for the end of the month or really focus on getting your serious grind head going from the start. Just a thought.

    GL with the grind

  4. Its probably much of a muchness really as a downswing anywhere during the month is no fun. If someone suffered emotionally from the swings then I suppose there may be advantages to having a dip at the end of the month vs a bad start but with me I just play.

  5. unlucky mate, you'll be back in no time. I aint been playing much these days but will try and emulate your usual zoom success at the low levels.


  6. Cheers Viks. Just had a +$400 day so getting back on track. Need a few more of those


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