Thursday, 15 August 2013

Macmillan Cancer - Poker Grindathon 2

Its been a while since I did a poker grindathon for charity.

The last time round I did it for Sport Relief. This time I have chosen Macmillan Cancer. They are an excellent charity that support cancer victims through their treatment.

I will be giving half my poker winnings today to the charity. Lets hope I have a big winning day..!! 

I plan to do at least 8 hours at the tables and at the end I will ship 50% of profits to Macmillan. If I end up losing I will send a $50 donation anyway.

To find out more about the charity click this link:


Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. Update:
    Sessions: 2
    Profit: +$74

  2. Update:
    Sessions: 3
    Profit: +$168

  3. good idea man! saw u on the tables today 25NL im venom_g btw haha

  4. Update:
    Sessions: 4
    Profit: +$270

  5. Update:
    Sessions: 6
    Profit: +$352

  6. Final Update:
    Sessions: 7
    Profit: +$440

    $220 to be shipped to Macmillan. I failed miserably on the hours front but decided to stop early as the profits have exceed expectation so I will cash in before I lose it all..!!


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