Monday, 12 August 2013

How Bad Is My Play?

Follow my friend "Eliize" in his journey to high stakes


  1. You won so obviously very good!

  2. But calling 3bets oop wit T9s.....

  3. i like it!
    Sure its oop but at least 135bb deep and ur Hand isnt dominated in most parts if u hit.
    Nearly best flop for u easy c/r/broke
    u play QQ+ the same way sometimes oop vs aggro (Regs) for balancing?

  4. The stack sizes definitely influenced my call. As u say the guy is aggro and had 3bet me on about 3 tables in a short space of time and I didn't want to just give up again. 4betting was dangerous as he likes to jam pre quite wide too and I would have had to fold so the call made sense.

    I vary my play quite a lot with big/medium/weak hands so I am generally very balanced


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