Saturday, 3 May 2014

40/25 - New Part Time Poker System

Since I have been playing part time I have also switched to 6 tabling zoom and also mixing FR/6m vs 8 tabling FR. 6 tables fit perfectly on my 24" screen tiled so I can follow all the action and also have a bit of extra thinking time vs 8. 

I want to basically try to play more quality vs the higher volume that I used to. Since I am playing like only an hour a day now I want to try to move up higher than I did before and with a more aggressive approach.

I cashed out most of my roll a couple of weeks ago and left only $2k in my Stars account. I will use this money to cover me while I hunt for a job.

I have hit a little upswing over the last week or so:

I will try not too cash out again for a while and will now bring in my new 40/25 system into play. This is moving up at 40 BIs and down at 25 BIs.

Here is how it looks:

So I am currently at NL50 zoom playing 4x FR + 2x 6m. When I hit $4k I will add NL100 back.

Want to see some of the most baller pc/poker set-ups? These are pretty awesome..!!

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  1. Quality over quantity certainly is the way to go ! =) good luck with this setup!

    I'm curious what kind of HUD do you use?

    1. Thx. There is a pic of my HUD on an old post somewhere. Will link it here if I find it. I still use HEM1


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