Tuesday, 27 May 2014

K9 - My Favourite Hand

Love King Nine, you can make straights n stuff

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  1. Firing away FEARLESSLY on that flush river!

    1. More stupid than fearless :) with that bad card. Should probably c/c but then he will always check back his Ax hands

  2. Man, I think you should check out your profit with offsuited Ax, Kx that you 3Bet from blinds.

    I've told you already that I've learned some things from your game during my winter self-education. Among other things - I was interested in light-3Bets from blinds, and I've checked this move for some regs, including you, in my database. If I recall right - you had solid profit with pocket pairs as well as suited broadway. But you had been in minus after 3betting offsuited stuff (especially with dominated hands - ATo, KJo etc.). I don't know, maybe the selection of your hands from my DB wasn't large enough - but I've directed attention to this moment.

    PS sorry for my English ) I hope that I've explained things right.

    1. K9o is not usual for my 3b range from the blinds> I will mostly call/fold this hand.

      I'm showing profit with all pairs except 22 :)

      My database is quite big and my PC quite old so I had a quick look for this year only (anymore will crash my system) and I am profitable with around 50% of unsuited broadways and 80% of suited. Again, I vary my play with all of these to sometimes just call.


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