Friday, 23 May 2014

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead

I recently bought a nutrition extractor called nutirbullet after watching a few YouTube videos. It was a total random act which I thought would help me add a little extra good stuff to my diet.

Since then I have done a bit more research of come across some very interesting clips that I think could change my life. If you have ever had any weight or health issues then check out these films:

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  1. The problem with juicing is that it extracts the juice but leaves the pulp. So yes, you get the vitamins from the fruits and veggies, but you lose all the fiber.

    Fiber, while most known for keeping your bowel movements "regular" also help to lower your blood sugar, reduces the risk of diverticulitis, strokes, hemorrhoids, and heart disease. Bonus points also awarded for giving you a longer lasting feeling of being full, resulting in more dramatic weight loss.

    With juicing, you're basically left with sugar vitamin water (especially if you use too many fruits). You're better off with "whole food juicing" using something like the Vitamix blender. That way you'll get all the vitamins, all the fiber, feel full longer, and you'll end up using less produce than you would compared to a juicer.

    1. Nice post thx. You're bang on according to the research that I've done too.

      The one I bought is called nutribullet and can be found here:

      It is basically a smaller version of the vitamix. It's cheaper and easier to use/clean but I don't think it's as powerful. I'm loving it so far even though I am less than a week into it.

      I may do a full juice (inc pulp, stems, seeds + fibre) diet for 5-10 days next month to completely reboot my system. That will be interesting :)

      The reason I posted the first film above (the 'fat, sick and nearly dead') is because it opened my eyes to the concept and is a great film.

      The 2nd film takes the juicing to the next level by using the pulp, seeds and stems to get the fibre too.

      Already feeling a lot better for doing this..!!


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