Thursday, 1 May 2014

April 2014 Review

2nd worst month ever. I managed to claw back some of the losses and prevent worst month ever though after being more than $2k down on the felt :)

Going part time in April meant a very low volume month. This will also be the trend for May and onwards.

I am still hunting for a job as well as studying for an exam. The job hunt is going pretty badly and it looks like it will be very hard for me to bag a job.

The main problem is that what I am looking for is quite specific and there is lots of competition from high calibre candidates (who don't have a gap on their CV/resume). If I was going for an unskilled minimum wage kinda job then there would be so much more to choose from and I would have probably got something already but I'm not interested in that. There is more chance of me returning to poker than burger flipping :) Anyway, I will persevere for at least 3 more months before I need to re-evaluate.

My VPP goal for the year will now be 200k.

The final numbers for this month are as follows: 

82,597 Hands Played
15,806 VPPs
55,321 FPPs

-$1,216 (Cash Game losses)
+$200 (Steller Rewards)
+$80 (April 1st Bonus)
+$11 (EPT Final Sat Tkt)
-$925 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers are as follows: 

537,673 Hands Played
107,194 VPPs
375,179 FPPs

+$6,936 - Jan
+$3,100 - Feb
+$4,980 - Mar
-$925 - Apr
+$14,091 (Total Year)

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