Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Big Daddy is in the House

Big Daddy was a British professional wrestler famous for his record-breaking 64 inch chest.

Known for wearing his various Big Daddy leotards, his original one was emblazoned with just a large "D" and was fashioned by his wife Eunice from their chintz sofa.

Today I feel like a bit of a Big Daddy

For dinner I enjoyed a large Domino's Pizza with Garlic Bread and Chicken Wings, washed down with some full fat Coke. In a word it was delicious.

As a poker player the amount of exercise I do has reduced as I spend lots of time on a chair in front of a screen. When I was working at least I would walk to the car, then drive to work and walk to my desk, lol. Eating these unhealthy junk food meals has also helped to bring me to my worst fitness level ever. Also after a knee injury about 4yrs ago I have difficulty running and playing football so have stopped all of that. This has also added to my bad conditioning

I didn't realise till I jumped on the scales today for the first time in ages that I now weigh the heaviest that I have ever weighed, a whopping 13st 7lbs (189lbs). At 5'10" this is hardly obese compared to others in the UK and US (Fattest nations on earth) but for me personally it is unacceptable. All my life I have been a sports person indulging in various activities at an amateur level.

The point of this post is to kick start a new fitness regime. My cardio work will be based around using the cross-trainer machine. This has no impact on my bad knee, so I can sweat out 5k sessions as often as I like.

For the last 4yrs I have set myself the challenge of doing 100 gym sessions each year. I have failed every year so far. Last years tally was around 27. This year with 47 days gone I have been to the gym a pathetic 4 times.

From tomorrow I will aim to go to the gym 5 times a week and do at least 5k on the cross trainer. I will also do weight training for strength.

Stay in shape poker people........

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  1. nice that you begann with training again. do you want a good plan for get in shape? i got the coach licens for gym in austria?

  2. yeah its so important to exercise since we're sitting in a chair for so many hours. good luck with your training.

  3. Thx guys

    Dr, yes pls put down a plan here for me

  4. Smart move , but you can still splurge for pizza once in awhile right??

  5. Of course.... The Meatball Mayhem is gooooood..

  6. so you should beginn every training with 30 min on crosstrainer heart beat not over 145! good warm up with a little fatt burning. after a little streching 5 min. start 15 wh bench press no break 15 wh pull ups and 1 min break make this 4 times. then you take the short barbell for bench press 15 wh and oar on the bowden cable 15 wh same 1 min break also 4 times. then you make the arms bizeps with the short barbell in sitting. 15 per arm trizeps on the bowden cable 15 per or with both. 1min break 5 times. the legs im not sure what you can make because of your knee. leg press ( where you sit and push your legs in the air) 15 wh and leg curl 15 wh 4 times 1 min break. 5 min crosstrainer and streching. over make this 3 times a week and in 2 month you look graet in shape. at the beginning you should meke it with weights that you can handle realy easy. to become a feeling whats good for you.

    hope i helped you

  7. Hey DR, thx. This is actually very close to what I kinda do now. Only thing I don't do is the leg curl. I do the leg press and knee is fine. I will refine my workout slightly and post results here in a couple o months

  8. no prob. wish ya nice workout days in poker and training

  9. Smashed it at the gym today. Did 5k on the cross trainer in 28mins which is good for a fat **** like me. Then I hit loadsa diff weight machines.
    Gonna step to 6k cross trainer sessions from Mon. Eventually I will go for 7k in 35mins. Gonna b super fit by the summer..!!


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