Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Last Seventeen

The last seventeen sessions that I have played have been sessions with less than 14 tables in play.

In my previous post I spoke about how I wanted to spend more time to make critical decisions while at the felt. Today was a prime example of where I had 2 big decisions to make and both times I found the fold button.

If I had been 24 tabling they would both have probably been calls due to the time pressure. Whether I made the right fold or not I don't know but the point is that I tanked almost all the time and folded. This should be +EV in the long run.

Stars have now stopped new 20-50bb tables from being started. There are still around 70 tables up n running from NL50 - NL200. These will eventually die and finally disappear next week at the server re-start. I have noticed a few more bad players at the 100bb tables already.

The results of my last seventeen sessions since I changed tactics on the 4th are visible below. My hourly is pretty bad but I am winning again and that was the main goal. I will step up my daily hours now with this set-up. If I continue to win I will drop the NL50 tables and only play 100 n 200.

Lets hope that all the whales and the fishies come to play 100bb pokerz

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  1. nice work rosh good to see things turning around for you mate. (:

  2. GJ on your progress. BTW, I noticed a *lot* more fish at the tables since CAP was introduced. The year looks very promising for 100bb players!

  3. Ty Frank. I hope I get better too as the tables do. Target for Feb, make a profit, even if it $1, lol.

  4. hey thanks rosh, that is awesome you are working on your game as well and playing less tables. Playing less tables aren't in the cards for me since I depend on the fpp's and cant afford to depend on winnings to support the family. Keep it up!!!!


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