Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A New Focus for Feb

I used to drive a focus years ago but nowadays I'm pretty happy with the Lexus that I drive.

I not getting a new motor but the focus for Poker has all changed for Feb. My SNE challenge is now on the back burner for the rest of the month. I am not giving up as yet but it is looking more unlikely that I will pursue the 6 Star Status.

I am not rolled to play 24 Tables of NL200 and not completely happy with my game even if I was.

In Jan I spent a lot of time playing the NL200 20-50bb tables. I hate them. Its 2 street gambling poker with the skill taken out the game. Maybe I just need to learn how to play with the Short Stacks, lol. Anyway, I couldn't beat them so I joined them and became a short stack scumbag too. That didn't work out too well either.

So, on Feb 4th I went back to what I know (kinda) and love... 100bb poker. I also dropped 24 Tabling. The games have got harder, of that there is no doubt..... but when I used to win at poker and consistently win I was playing no more than 10 tables and thinking through my plays well. I have to be honest with myslef I and also acknowledge the fact that I struggle with 24 Tables.

For the rest of Feb I will try to win money at the tables, simplez.... I will play no more than 14 Tables at any one time. I will attempt to be in the black this month and get a $1,500 bonus also. I started this challenge down from the first 3 days of the month, down around $700.

Its now around 2am on 9th Feb 2011 and I have played 9 Sessions of upto 13 Tables of 100bb Poker between NL50 and NL200 since 4th Feb. I have won 5 and lost 4 Sessions.... 2 of the losing sessions included a $6 loss and a $0.09 loss, so basically even. I am really enjoying it. I know I could play 24 CAP Tables and make Elite but I don't think I would enjoy a whole year flippin coins.

I want to build my roll during this month and try to play 18 100bb tables from next month at NL200 but as a short stacker with $80. Eventually if it works out I will build slowly and be able to sit full stacked. I have spent time working on my game also last few days and will do more of this.

Game on........


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  1. i hope it runns for you i lost last year nearly 2K on sss nl200 it was to hard for me.
    gl and nice cards

  2. Thx Doc, yes there are many sharks at da 200!!


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