Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NL50 for Life??

Looks like I am NL50 for Life....

Since I dropped down to playing 14 tables I have had good results in terms of winning sessions.

I have won around 25 Sessions while losing around 14. If I can maintain this level of session success then my monetary results will begin to improve.

After I changed my table structure I clawed back all the losses that I had made in Feb. I then went on to lose them yet again, raaaaaarrr. I am now clawing them back. Generally I am playing better but I still go on mad spew every now and again. If I can eliminate this then I think I will win again.

Some interesting graphs from post my table changes on Feb 4th (By Level):




This is a small sample of results but it shows that maybe I should stay at NL50 for a while before launching back to the 100


Card Player 


  1. Really impressive at NL50.. you seem to crush that level.

  2. Da Fiddy is goot to me. Will stick with it for a while

  3. When i move up to 50NL i will be knocking on your door So you can sweat me on how to play those levels :) Good Job "Coach Rosh"
    From Micro to Macro :)

  4. Rosh , I also just noticed that you stayed tight to ev first 18,000 hands on 50Nl , now your starting to gap from it ?? You calling down to much?? or what is changing there besides varience????

  5. Sure we can catch up once u at da fiddy, no probs. I have to say that I care a lot less than most about EV. In fact I could not give a **** about EV.

    My objective is simply to play each and every hand on its merits and to the best of my ability. If my ability is insufficient then I strive to get better.

    And yes, I probably call too much :p

  6. i'll be at the fiddy for a while, 24 tabling while working on my game is tough as is, but kinda have to since I depend on the fpp's. But seriously working on my game to move up is much better than blindly crushing 50nl w/o improving as you saw when my graph was going up and up, but went crashing at 100nl. I didn't really adjust at 100nl and I think at 50nl you can get away with more things imo. Keep up the good work though!!!!

  7. Gold, thx 4 ur support. Your results seem good lately. Its great that u want 2move up like me. Tough though, I know. U can make decent $$$ at NL50 though. If u won $100 per day and 1 $1,500 bonus per month thats $4,500 ea month, not too shabby.

    GL Mate

  8. I am fully skyped up. You can add me, username is roshsen


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