Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Beware Ivan Freitez Angle Shoot Trick

Having just watched a little of the EPT Grand Final I witnessed a pretty scummy angle shoot performed by Ivan Freitez, the eventual winner.

I have to say I was quite disgusted by his play and it was said that he had done it 4 times during the event.

What he does is if he gets the nuts on the river in position and he is facing a bet he says 'raise' and then immediately says sorry I mean 'call'. He then pretends his English is bad and says 'No English'.

The floor manager is then called and tells him that the raise stands. Once he makes the raise it will appear that he is weak and has made an error and will encourage a call or raise from a weaker hand that may have folded to a raise made properly. This is certainly not in the spirit of the game.

In the incident I saw the floor manager informed his opponent of what he had done on 3 previous occasions and each time he had the nuts.

So if you're ever sat with this guy don't fall for his trick..!!

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  1. What a douchebag.
    Mind you, the poker world has always been full of angle shooters.

  2. Yeah, there are always dodgy people in all walks of life

    Generally I think poker players are an honest bunch. I mean where in the world can u leave hundreds or thousands of dollars on a table and just walk off when u need to go to the loo etc and come back and its still there!! (cash games in casinos)

  3. It's because of the security in casinos you can leave thousands at the table .. try doing that in your local pub!!

  4. ivan freitez is a complete scumbag. ever since i saw him do it i have dreamt about him doing it against me in the same event when he has top full against my quads. i make a point of complaining about it for 5 minutes and when it becomes apparent that the result stands then i show him my cards. and because he no speaky english it's "quatro nueves ivan. now you know what it feels like to be on the wrong end of appalling poker ettiquette". poker stars have been saddled with a scumbag as an ambassador (great advert for your product and your sport). he should be kicked off the european poker tour forthwith. thank you. i feel much better now...


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