Monday, 18 July 2011

Richard Bacon's Beer & Pizza Club

I took time out on sat night to go to a show at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith.

Richard Bacon's Beer and Pizza Club (renamed The Richard Bacon Show) is a chat show where the set is designed to resemble a flat where his mates (guests) come over for a chat. They actual gave out real beer n pizza to some of the audience.

The show revolves around the guest being asked a series of quirky questions that they have to answer. They questions are set by each guest and one is also sent in by email from an audience member.

The celebs on the night were Keith Lemon, Danny Wallace, Justin Lee Collins and Imogen Thomas. They get them to sit in the audience and come down at the start of the show. Lemon was sat 2 seats away from me so I will be on cam for about 2 seconds, lol.

They also had a stand up comedian in between breaks and before the show who was pretty good. All in all it was a pretty funny show and will air on ITV4 in the near future.

Here's Imogen for those who don't know:


  1. Hi,

    I wanted to ask did they give you free tickets for another show in exchange for attending? As I just received an email saying if I attend I will get free tickets for xfactor! xxx

  2. Na, but I got a tasty slice of pizza while in the crowd..!!

  3. what did Keith lemon say that got bleeped out on that show?

  4. Have no idea, can't remember but there was some x rated stuff between takes with the comedian that was there


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