Friday, 22 July 2011

Big Daddy Update - 22/07/11

I'm not sure why the post I wrote called 'Big-daddy-is-in-house' is the 5th most read post on my blog. It is totally unrelated to poker and was basically a reference to my overweightyness.

Anyway, I thought I would just update on my progress. Since that post in Feb I have lost precisely 1lb in weight, lol. I'm sure if I took a pretty large dump I could drop around 3lbs in weight in one sitting..!!

The last 3 weeks have seen me step up my gym routine and I feel trimmer round the waist through all the cardio but I have also done a lot of weight training which is probably why there is no weight loss as I have a bit more muscle (I will keep telling myself this, lol).

So, I bought this chin up bar (or pull up bar) from ebay and it arrived yesterday. You basically use it on your door frame without apparently any chance of damaging anything. It can hold up to a 250lb person and I weigh 188lbs (85kg). I can only do 1 proper pull up before I fail. When I was 20yrs old I could do 6.

My goal is to be able to do 10.

Please leave a comment if you know anything about doing pull ups

Here is online trainer Scooby showing you how to use it:



    i have the same bar, i have also tried to follow these with *a little* sucess (mainly held back by pure laziness)

  2. The thing with chins mate is that most people cant do them to start with, but you will/should quickly find that you will be able to do them at ease once you get practicing

    My bro started in our gym about 2 years ago and could only do 1 chin up. he now does 3x10 chins easily, does them with a weights plate (15kg) strapped to him and we do first to a 100 chins (taking as many sets as needed to reach 100). Keep it up mate you will soon be there.

    If you type "sixpack shortcuts" or M100 into youtube there is a superb training vid called M100 which hardly takes any time at all but is hard as fook and like doing a 40 minute run.

  3. I have seen a lot of the sixpack shortcut vids includin the M100. Those guys are pretty awesome and know their shit.

    I am doin a lot of cardio too so if i can lose a bit of weight then there is less to pull up..!!



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