Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pulling my teeth out with pliers.....

This could easily be a normal poker related post as I often feel like doing something like this when I take some of these ridiculous bad beats..!!

2 days ago I was completely fine. Now I am in complete agony and thinking about going into A&E.

My wisdom tooth has popped or something and I am in so much pain its unbearable. Its only 1 tooth as the other 3 have never grown.

I just took 45mins to eat a meal. I normally take about 10mins. Emergency dentist tomorrow for me now..... seriously though if I last that long. The pliers are ready.... Never had tooth pain like this in my life.... Its gonna be a long night..!!

Anyone got any wisdom teeth stories?


  1. The operation itself isn't that bad at all. I had 3 wisdom teeth taken out, they put me under with an IV and it wasn't a big deal.

    My mom took me home after the operation and I was still foggy so I right to sleep when I got home. MAKE SURE you get your prescription filled RIGHT after the operation, because after that I woke up to some unbearable pain, and I had to wait until my mom got my prescription filled for relief.

    But once I got on the meds it was ok. Ate soup-only for a couple days, I was perfectly back to normal again after 3-4 days.

    Also, one beer + one oxycontin [the painkiller they gave me] = 6 beers drunk feeling, so do be careful about that

  2. I think I could do with a soup only diet for a while for more reasons than 1..!!

  3. Oh the agony, just reading your sentiments made me feel a jolt of pain in my tooth. I hope, after you go for the emergency operation, you would get to be able to perform as usual again. Just go for soup when recovering from surgery to prevent giving stress to the stitches.


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