Monday, 15 August 2011

Hold'em Manager 2 - Training Day

I have just received my pass key for the beta testing for Hold'em Manager 2.

For those who are not aware, Hold'em Manager is a vital database and statistical tool for the serious poker poker. Lots of the top celeb players do not use programs like HEM but the serious grinders all seem to do so. I have used HEM for over a year now and would be lost without it. It also has a HUD included.

The latest version, HM2 is now being rolled out and I have just installed it. It is currently importing my database from the previous version. I have around 1.2m hands to import and it is about 15% complete as I write this.

I an going to spend today learning how to use this piece of software to the best of its ability. I will report in a future post my results and thoughts about how good this is compared to its predecessor.



  1. remember when Pokertracker3 first came out, everyone was using PT2 and had high hopes for its new predecessor.
    However it was bug ridden to fook even after apparent beta testing. Hope HM2 doesnt follow suit or it may just lose its loyal customers.

  2. So far its bad news. I have spent hours playing around with and its crashed so many times. It also takes sooo long to load up.

    It took ages to get the Hud working after importing my old one. I have finally got that working how I would like it.

    I just attempted a purge and had to cancel it as it was taking hours and not finishing.

    Played a little NL2 on 4 tables and it also seems to cause the game to slow down and the tables become sticky. Not sure if I need a more powerful PC to run this efficiently. Gonna work on it some more now then do a proper sesh at NL50 using the old HEM

    Definitely NOT ready to migrate onto HM2 yet

  3. i got my code about a week ago i down loaded it and inported everything and i think its sh!!t well maybe its because i dont know how to use it or because its not as simple as the first version let us know what u think of it

  4. I ironed out a lot of the problems that I had initially. There are a lot of good new features that I like.

    There are also a few things missing that the old version had.

    I fired up 16 tables of NL2 and played a normal session of over 1000 hands and there is one huge problem. It is causing my system to LAG. The tables get really sticky. This means it is totally unusable in its state.

    I then played a 16 table sesh using HEM1 and it was perfect.

    So, as it stands I will not be moving to HM2. :(

  5. yeah i decided not to to use hem2 either it was amazing i was getting major lag while 6 tabling lol terrible

  6. I spoke to a stars rep yesterday and mentioned it. He is gonna escalate it in the forum

  7. What kind of setups are you guys using? I thought it might just be my dinosaur of a PC lagging past 12 tables. And I definitely remember PT3 lagging and the HUD being a complete piece of shit. I'm just getting a ton of processor usage spiking going on.

    2.5 Ghz dual core
    4 gb ram

  8. 2.66 Ghz Intel core i5
    6.1 gb ram
    Windows 7


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