Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sitting with the Limpers....

I briefly played some live poker yesterday at the Vic in London.

I usually play the £1/£2 game which has a max buy-in of £400 ($650). I put my name on the wait list and also put myself down for the £1/£1 game (£200 max buy-in). I got called almost instantly for the latter as the wait list for my normal game was about 5 long.

It was quickly apparent that this was a really good table. Unfortunately I had the 3 most active players to my left but it was still good to be at the same table.

It is the first that I have played a live cash game in which I can say for sure that I was easily the best player at the table. Its amazing how much people give away from random strategy comments that are so wrong. You have to figure if they are levelling you or just don't have a clue. These lot were just not that good or knowledgeable.

My biggest pot came only after about 5 hands in. I opened UTG with KQss and the 2 aggro players directly to my left folded but the 3rd guy who was very active too called. I opened to 7x for some reason and immediately thought wtf, why did I do that. It's just what the others were doing so I did too, donk. Everyone else folded. Dream flop for me as it came down 346sss. I knew that if I checked here he would bet and I could check raise but that may seem to strong. With the low cards he could easily have an overpair and put me on 2 big cards chasing another spade. I decide to cbet and bet around 3/4 pot. He insta calls. The turn is 2h was puts a one card straight out there with still all low cards. I Hollywood for a few seconds before leading another 3/4 pot sized bet. He insta calls again. He must have like 77-TT I reckon. The river is another blank from my POV and is the Jd. I have the 3rd nuts on this board and he will rarely have a flush here. I bet again around 3/4 pot again and he insta calls then mucks as I show and I take down my biggest pot of the night for around $250.

I only played for 2hrs or so before getting bored and deciding to go home and fire up stars. I won most of the pots that I played past the flop. I lost a few where I called pre flop raises then folded on the flop. I made a small win for the night.

In other news

Here is DN making a great play:


  1. i wish i had the VIC on my doorstep mate. i remember when i played the £1/£1 game there mate and found it to be exactly like you just described. The play and knowledge is shocking but good if you want to win!!!

  2. I hav to make this place a more regular fixture

  3. Iv'e been into a few Casinos up London in my time never been to the Vic though.


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