Monday, 8 August 2011

Lucky 13

So we are 7 days into August and poker is moving along....

The month started fast with me bagging almost 8 buy-ins in 1.5 days and thoughts of a bumper month came to fruition. 3 Days later I was back down to earth with a bang losing around 12 BIs and being stuck a little for the month.

My Live cash session at the casino has seemed to have turned things round the other way. Since then I have not lost 1 session of cards and my stats are looking pretty sexy.

13 Lucky sessions in a row!!....:

NL50 currently seems a lot more spewy at times than NL100 and there are very few crushers around. 

I have played okay without being anything special apart from day 1 when I played near flawless poker. Every other day I have been able to identify mistakes including some big ones by looking through hand histories.

Also I have been running good for a change:

If I can quadruple what I have made in week 1 then it will be a productive month. As I have no bonuses this month I am relying on winnings alone. I could cash a $1,500 bonus but its better to save for the $4,000 if cash flow is not a problem. I am thinking about doing another live session pretty soon.



  1. annnnnnd you really have to leave that picture at the end for us to think about. your a good man

  2. always a pleasure, never a chore


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