Monday, 22 August 2011

Movie Review: The Inbetweeners Movie

If you liked the series then you will most likely love the film.

I discovered the tv show quite late on as they were beginning the 3rd series. I quickly caught up with the previous 2 batches and immediately became a fan.

On Thursday I went to catch the film and wasn't disappointed. You pretty much know what to expect.... more of the usual non sense and buffoonary which is all good fun.

Schools out and the guys are all going to be moving on with their new lives. Before that there is time for a lads holiday in Malia, Crete.

Simon is dumped by his girlfriend and agrees that a holiday will cheer him up. They end up in an absolute dump of a hotel and soon hit the streets. The guys get lured into a 'banging' club which turns out to be empty but its too late as they have paid their entry fee. They meet a group of ladies and make their moves...

The film builds up to a big boat party where Simon will attempt to win back his ex, who incidently is also on holiday in the same place. Between Arrival and the Boat Party they go through many ups n downs...

If you're not sure then let me assure you it's a good watch

Verdict: 7.3/10


They are all great characters but I think Will is my favourite



  1. Hi Rosh,

    long time follower of your blog, first time poster. just wanted to let you know you got me into the inbetweeners- i watched all three seasons thanks to you, and can't wait for the movie in toronto..

  2. Hey Man,

    Always a pleasure introducing good comedy to the peoples..!!


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