Monday, 1 August 2011

July 2011 Review

Going downhill is the name of the game. My poker skills seem to be in decline. I review my sessions daily on HEM and leaks are creeping in.

This month has been the month of the spite call (calling when u know your beat just to see their cards)

I have also dropped down to NL50 while I deal with my new issues.

I am going to experiment with playing only 12 tables as a regular. I did this during the month only to go back up to 16 tables at the end of the month. I will mix different tables and stakes and hopefully find some composure. This seems to be my problem over last 2 months.

I am planning a total change of direction from Sept 1st onwards so watch this space for more on that one.

I plan a hard grind in August

The final numbers for July are as follows:

96,000 Hands Played
19,716 VPPs

-$1,724 (Cash Game Losses)
+$305 (Tournament Winnings)
+$53 (Live Cash Winnings)
+$100 (Deposit Bonus)
+$2,600 (200k VPP Bonus)
+$1,334 (Total Month)

The Ytd numbers as at the end of July are as follows:

784,000 Hands Played
201,856 VPPs

-$1,214 - Jan
+$1,075 - Feb
+$722 - Mar
+$4,766 - Apr
+$3,278 - May
+$415 - Jun
+$1,334 - Jul
+$10,376 (Total YTD)

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