Monday, 26 December 2011

Challenge Update - 26/12/2011

My Challenge to hit 300k VPPs is going pretty well as I have put in grind work pretty much everyday.

My game play has been terrible juggling 24 tables and I have been playing my 'C' game or maybe even worse. I have now dropped to 20 tables and feel a bit less pressured. I may drop to back to 16 for the last few days.

I am actually in the black slightly after being up almost $700 at one stage. Hope to activate my 'A' game from tomorrow.

I have around 8,700 VPPs left to get in 6 days which means around just under 1,500 per day which will take around 8 hrs a day at nl50.

I want to give my self new years eve night off to go out so I have put together the final plan as follows:

26/12/11 - 1,600 VPPs
27/12/11 - 1,600 VPPs
28/12/11 - 1,600 VPPs
29/12/11 - 1,600 VPPs
30/12/11 - 1,600 VPPs
31/12/11 - 700 VPPs

Almost there.....


  1. how much vpps an hour you make? that suck seeing 8hrs for 1.5 lol i took in the best times 1,2kvpps an hour!

    im at 0.8 avarage an hour per this year :) at midstakes

  2. Only around 200 VPPs and hour.

    I remember playing nl200 CAP in Jan and getting something ridiculous like 800 and hour.


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