Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Secret Tournament

As you may or may not know Pokerstars is 10yrs old and during the last month there have been numerous promotions to celebrate this birthday.

One of the promos was a cash game leader board everyday for around 10 days.

All the cash ring games were divided into groups and the top 100 VPP earners in each group were awarded cash prizes each day.

One of the side bonuses to these leader boards was that the top 1000 each day in each category would be entered into a free-roll with a huge $500k prize pool.

With all the stuff they had going on Pokerstars forgot to publicise this tournament. I randomly saw a post on a forum and checked it out without even realising that I was registered, lol. About a day later I then checked my registered Tournaments link in the client for something else and was surprised to see myself in the draw.

The Tournament had around 12,300 players registered and only around 40% of those players knew about it, hehe. Amazing for a $500,000 event.

This amazing screen shot shows a situation that will probably never happen again in my life. It shows my 1st table where I played a good 200 hands and I am the only player active. Unbelievable:

I won every hand uncontested with all the players sitting out. There were 2 guys that did sit in late and start playing but I busted them both pretty quick and they were replaced by 2 more 'sitting out' fish, lmao. I then proceeded to try to hit raise as quick as I could each hand and it didn't take long for me to reach 2nd in the tournament with about half the field eliminated.

I stacked all the non active players so quickly that when I arrived at a legitimate table with around 5 active players the 'sit outs' there still had 2/3rds of their stacks left.

It was so ridiculous that hundreds of players that were 'sitting out' made the money as they paid out 5,400 places out of the 12,300.

I remained in the top 100 for ages and until I lost a few big hands and finished 448th and cashed $160. Not bad for a free roll versus people sitting out. The top prize was around $48k.

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