Friday, 9 December 2011

Year End Grind

I hope I will not be grinding on new years eve.

Trying to grind out a milestone in December each year can be disastrous especially if you are going for SNE. You may find yourself in a spot where you need to 24 table 12-16 hours a day for over a month.

Here are 2 examples of players who totally lost the plot trying to mad grind SNE at years end. Player 1 was a slightly winning to break even reg who completely lost his way for the last 2 months in 2010 and has  never recovered. He is now a consistent losing player who valleys almost everyday:

Player 2 was actually a decent winning reg before 2 SNE attempts during 2009 (he failed with like 980k VPPs) and 2010 (he made SNE) also destroyed his game.

Both of these guys 24 table and mass grinding like this can be extremely detrimental to your game. The biggest issue I think is getting into a losing mentality and simply accepting the fact that this is fine due to the fact that you 24 table and still make money.

For me personally I could never do this. I would have to be a slight winner or at least break even if I was hitting SNE. That real satisfaction in poker for me is to be winner and out think players. Doing that and getting less VPPs is far better for your mental frame of mind even though you may make less money.

I will now contradict myself because I have a bit of a grind to hit 300k VPPs starting on the 15th. The difference between me and the 2 guys above is that my game play will take priority and if I start losing huge then I will give up the milestone chase and concentrate on getting back to winning ways. More to come....


  1. Aren't you a slight winner now?

  2. My lifetime stats have me at a around 0.5bb so yes a slight winner. Getting SNE at 0.5bb/100 would be fine as SNE is worth $110,000 in the first year alone. If however trying to get there meant you became a losing player then I would rather not try but many are happy to do so.

    Interestingly since Aug 1st I have played over 400,000 hands and my combined winrate at nl25, nl50 and nl100 is 2.96bb/100. Over 90% of that is at nl50 but I am very happy with that rate

  3. That's a good outlook and I totally agree with you. I don't know how some of these losing (at the tables, winner overall) guys do it. I would have to have at least a small winrate as well. Nice stuff these past couple months. GL with your VPP goal.

  4. Thx Rain. VPP grind starts on the 15th


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